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Qc stands for Quality & Creativity. A small graphic design studio with big ambitions.

Can quality and creativity cohabit in the same house or are they natural enemies? Can a quality process be applied to innovation? Quality involves the removal of unwanted variations, the enforcement of strict standards and controls, the application of best practice and the elimination of waste and errors. Creativity and innovation involve exploring many radical and unorthodox ideas, deliberately deviating from existing standards and controls, experimenting with prototypes and devoting resources to projects which are likely to fail. So at first glance quality and creativity look to be at odds. One is striving for the elimination of variation and error while the other is crying out for both. They are surely two opposing philosophies requiring very different mindsets and attitudes. Can they co-exist? The answer is that they can and they must. Every successful studio has to solve the paradox of how to achieve at the same time great quality and great creativity leading to successful innovations.[1]

Qc’s Graphic Design Studio is a place where quality and creativity meet halfway. We are a Poland-based studio which focuses of various realms of graphic design: from websites, online stores and mobile apps, to vector logos and hand-painted art pieces. We are no strangers to visual identification design, signs, illustration, utility graphics and photo retouch. We create everything from a scratch and we don’t stop until the final result blows you away. The core principles governing our work are „less is more” and „form follows function”. Qc focuses on minimalistic, clear and simple designs and interfaces, though all possible challenges and directions are welcomed as we love to learn and perfect ourselves in order to please our Customers. If you are looking for any of the aforementioned products, you can contact with us at any time given. Together we’ll design a product that’s unique and stands tall above the rest. From now on, it’s You and the rest. Let us present our portfolio below.


LOOK™ elevates the streaming platform concept to another level. This hybrid mobile app high-fidelity prototype offers you a library of movies, series, and immersive VR360 content.


Yummi™ is a tasty hybrid mobile app high-fidelity prototype designed not only for BeerGeeks and Foodies but also for anyone who enjoys a fancy or minimalistic user interface.


Explore our User Interface portfolio featuring designs tailored for web, mobile, and various devices. Discover innovative and user-friendly solutions for your digital presence.


Zoom into the blog where amateur and professional photography blend together to stunning effects. Macrophotography and ambience photography are the main focuses here. Wow.

Meet the Professor

Jerzy Weyman is an acclaimed mathematician with over 40 years of professional experience. He is the author of more than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals as well as 2 books.

Nabita w butelkę

A Polish website/online store dedicated to Adult Children of Alcoholics. Here, you can purchase hypnosis sessions or sign up for regular meetings with a professional therapist.

Luminol Ent. Merch

Luminol Entertainment is a production company based in Los Angeles, CA. The art displayed on our website is meant to pay tribute to and support their projects.


From beauty logos to construction logos; from alphabet logos to iconic logos; from classic to modern logos; we can create any kind of logo you can think of.


Welcome to Qc’s Art Gallery selection, where we utilize both raster and vector graphics. We hope you will find our works both inspirational and exciting.